June 21, 2024
Y4TV: Tech4Dummies
Y4TV: Tech4Dummies
Something About Kubernetes & Formula 1

Welcome to Episode 2 of Tech for Dummies.

Your Host is David Murimi and with me is William Mwai

William is a seasoned full-stack software developer, he is a senior software engineer at Cloudoon where he oversees product development and cloud infrastructure development.

Today we are talking about Kubernetes, Kubernetes Backup, and Restore.

  1. What is Kubernetes..?
  2. What is Docker..?
  3. Why Kubernetes..?
  4. Is there a relationship between containers and microservices..?
  5. Has the growth of microservices architecture contributed to the growth of container-based cloud infrastructure..?
  6. How did you learn about Kubernetes..?
  7. Where can a newbie developer learn more on Kubernetes..?
  8. Why is Kubernetes on GCP, Amazon, and Azure so expensive..?
  9. Any alternatives platforms?
  10. Challenges of running your own K8s cluster..?
  11. Tell me about your experience with mysql operators
  12. Tell me about the Percona HA cluster..?
  13. Which ingress controllers do you use..?
  14. In summary, tell us about your K8s architecture..?
  15. Tell us more about Backup options for K8s..?
  16. How do you restore..?
  17. Which is the best K8s Backup and restore solution out there..?
  18. Away from the cloud. Does this season mark the end of Mercedes AMG Petronas Team dominance of Formula 1..?
  19. Mercedes has 303 points and Redbull who have more wins have 291
  20. In the Hungarian GP, we saw a new winner, Estaban Econ, what happens, ?
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