April 23, 2024
How To Start An Online Garment Business In India

Do you want to open your own online garment business? It’s no surprise, given that online clothing stores are a multi-billion dollar industry, that it’s by far the most popular eCommerce. 

Starting your online garment business in India can be a lucrative endeavor. Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, India’s online garment has been gaining traction.

Drivers of growth such as digital channels, increased online access via mobile devices and technological innovations have made the online garment industry skyrocket.

The online fashion retail market share in India is expected to rise to 22.97% by 2026. This is a compelling reason to consider launching an online garment business.

However, just because a niche is popular and profitable does not guarantee that you’ll be successful right away. You must ensure that your store stands out among the millions of others in the same industry. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced garment manufacturer looking to sell your garment on eCommerce sites, this article will teach you everything you need to know to start a successful online garment business. 

But first, why should you sell garments online rather than in traditional retail stores?

Selling garments online versus offline

Let’s look at some benefits you get from selling online

i). Lower startup costs

The cost of establishing an eCommerce website is less than that of establishing a traditional retail store. Rent, furnishings, staff, and utilities are typically included in the cost of opening a traditional retail store. 

ii). Convenience

Customers and owners benefit from the convenience of online stores. As an entrepreneur, you have complete control over when and where you work, as well as which markets you sell your clothes in. 

Customers can buy items from anywhere without having to visit a physical store.

iii). Scalability

E-commerce websites are extremely useful in determining which products are selling well and ensuring that stock levels of these products are increased.

Furthermore, because an online store connects you to many people all over the world, it allows you to expand your market beyond local customers. As a result, you can expand your sales without being constrained by growth factors such as acquiring a larger space, which may be costly.

iv). Increased margins and improved cash flow

Because you keep more money from each sale, an eCommerce website allows you to sell at higher margins. 

Furthermore, an online store has fewer operating expenses that eat into revenue.  On the other hand, traditional retail stores typically have lower profit margins due to high overhead expenses.

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v). Less time consuming

You don’t have to devote a lot of time to running an online store.  The online system manages the entire process of customers placing orders and making payments. This gives you plenty of time to think about new products to sell, special offers to launch, and how successful your sales are.

Considerations for starting an online garment business

If you want to start a successful clothing business in India, consider the following first:

01). Niche

When starting an online clothing business, one of the first things to consider is the niche. A niche is a market segment that caters to a specific need, preference, or identity. Niches assist you in establishing authority in your market. It is what people will remember your store for.

When choosing a niche, consider what you’re passionate about and what you can offer that other stores cannot.

For example, if you have a design background, you could open a store that specializes in custom-made clothing. Alternatively, if you are interested in fashion, you could open an online vintage store.

02). Potential clientele

Defining the type of people you want to sell is critical. The more specific your audience persona, the easier it will be to reach out to them. Your target demographic could be men, women, or children. Begin with a specific audience and gradually broaden it. 

03). Sourcing

Once you’ve decided on the garments you’ll sell based on the niche and prospective customers the next step is to figure out where you’ll get them. Sourcing is one of the most important prerequisites for starting a garment business. Look for merchandise vendors who sell clothing that you want to sell. Every good sourcing involves researching potential market suppliers.

To provide a superior customer experience, ensure that you source high-quality garments.

04). Competitors

Before you begin your online garment business in India, you should research companies that produce similar products to what you want to offer. Consider what your company can offer that your competitors cannot. You could also consider targeting a market that your competitors do not serve.

Furthermore, it is critical to identify their strengths and ideas that you can borrow to help your business stand out.

05). Channels of distribution

A distribution channel is how customers receive their products after purchasing them. When starting an online business, choosing channels will ensure your customers receive their purchases on time and in good condition is critical. ‘

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You can either hire a team to assist you with deliveries or partner with a delivery company that will do the deliveries on your behalf. Choose the best channel for you.

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How to start an online garment business

Now that you’ve considered everything and finally decided to take the plunge into this potentially lucrative venture, you may wonder how to get started. The steps outlined below will be extremely beneficial.

#1. Create a business plan

The first step in starting an online clothing business in India is to develop a business plan. It’s your roadmap to success. 

A business plan’s goal is to help you focus n the specific steps required to make the business successful. Preparing a business plan allows you to outline your goals and vision for the company.

#2. Business registration

When starting an online business, you must first register your online eCommerce business in India. You must come up with a unique name for the business and register it with the trademark in India. You protect your brand by registering a trademark.

You must also select a business entity, such as a private limited company, LLP, partnership, or sole proprietorship.

#3. Purchasing a business domain

A domain name is the address of your website that internet users type into the URL bar of their browser to visit it.

Keep these suggestions in mind as you select your domain name:

  • Avoid difficult-to-spell names
  • Select a name that is scalable to accommodate future growth
  • Be unique and avoid being confused with the competition.

#4. Website development/choosing a platform

You need an eCommerce platform for your business now that you’re opening an online store. your store will be linked to potential customers via the eCommerce platform. 

There are numerous eCommerce platforms available.  You must conduct extensive research and select the one that best meets your needs.

Instead of selecting a platform, you can build a website from scratch. There are numerous approaches to developing a website. You can create a website using WordPress or a website builder.

Create an appealing website design. Online, appearance is extremely important. 48% of people believe a website’s most important aspect is its design.

#5. List your products

You’re ready to list your products for sale once you’ve established the framework of your website. Getting your products in front of shoppers looking to buy similar products is an important part of running an eCommerce business.

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Listing your products on your website’s shopping tab allows your products to reach hundreds of millions of people who shop online every day. Taking high-quality product images is what will attract buyers.

#5. Get an SSL certificate

After creating a website for your business, you must protect it from hackers. Customers also prefer to visit secure websites. Obtaining an SSL certificate is ideal for your website. It identifies any threats to your website and allows you to prevent them from causing harm.

It also increases your credibility with your visitors and helps your site rank high on search engines, attracting a large number of visitors.

#6. Launch your online garment store

When your website is finished and your products are ready, it’s time to launch your online clothing store.

Make sure your social media accounts are ready in advance to run ads for your launch. 

#7. Marketing 

After you’ve launched your online clothing store, you should market it to drive traffic to your website.

There are numerous methods for marketing an online clothing store. Among the most common methods are:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)

This is the process of improving your website’s ranking in search engine result pages. You can accomplish this by using keywords related to your promoting products.

  • Paid advertising

You can market your business by leveraging an already growing following. You can advertise your store on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and google ads.

  • Email marketing

Capture email addresses from website visitors and then send them marketing emails.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a method of earning a commission by promoting a product made by another retailer. It can result in leads and website clicks.

  • Influencer marketing

Another way to market your online store is by working with influencers to promote your products.


Starting any business is risky, but the online garment business is profitable in India. Now that you know everything, you should stop wasting time and take the plunge.

Even though there are many people in this industry, there is enough room for everyone to start. Come up with good ideas for the online garment business to help you stand out from the crowd.

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