April 14, 2024
The Hottest Drake AI Viral Hit: A Recycled SoundCloud Rap Masterpiece

The latest track by AI Drake has gone viral, showcasing how simple it is for someone to use a widely recognized celebrity voice to make a song popular.

The track titled “Not a Game” made its debut on SoundCloud and YouTube in recent times, just after a song by a musician named Ghostwriter became popular for featuring an AI-generated voice of Drake.

TMZ and the Daily Mail have both mentioned “Not a Game,” putting even more attention on the track.However, it turns out that “Not a Game” isn’t entirely a new song.

The Verge has discovered that the track incorporates several existing elements, with the primary new addition being Drake’s voice.

The songwriters took the vocals from an a capella rap posted on Looperman, a site that provides audio loops, samples, and sounds that artists can use to create songs. The rap is available for non-commercial purposes, and it has appeared in several SoundCloud tracks since its initial posting in 2019. Artists are expected to give credit to the rap’s creator, Sean Pharo.

The creators of “Not a Game” reworked Pharo’s vocals with the AI-generated voice of Drake, which they then layered on a modified version of a beat by the musician Cedes. The beat is available for purchase on the BeatStars beat marketplace.

Suddenly, two elements that weren’t famous before, the original rap and the beat, became popular due to Drake.

Sean Pharo and Cedes did not respond to requests for comment.

The ease of creating a new track from a major artist using a cloned musician’s voice is showcased in the creation of “Not a Game,” a relatively low-effort production that is available on SoundCloud and has been reuploaded to YouTube.

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Despite reaching out to SoundCloud, YouTube, and Drake’s label, Universal Music Group, The Verge is yet to receive any response.

Last week, an AI Drake song titled “Heart on My Sleeve” went viral on TikTok account @ghostwriter977, prompting UMG to issue copyright takedowns.

While Drake had previously spoken out about an AI cover of him performing an Ice Spice track, he remained silent on the AI Drake song.

This has led to speculation about whether the viral AI song was a publicity stunt by Drake and UMG or if the promotional group associated with Ghostwriter’s account, Laylo, had any involvement.

Laylo has denied any involvement in the matter.


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