June 21, 2024
Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time, there lived three piglets with their mother in a small house. It was time for them to leave their home and learn to live on their own. Their mother called the three little pigs next to her. “My dear children, the time has come for you to go out into the world. Go and start your new lives. But don’t ever forget whatever you do in this world, do the best you can. This is the only and the best way to stay alive.” 

A little sad, with a bit of excitement, the three little pigs said goodbye to their mummy and were on their way. 

After a while, they found some piece of land where they could build their own home. The youngest piglet was determined to build his home with straw. He thought this was the easiest and the fastest way to build a home. That way he had heaps of time to play. The youngest of them all finished his house in one day. He yelled out to the other piglets. “Hey you guys, I am already finished!”

The middle piglet decided to make his house out of wood from the branches he had collected in the woods. He decided to build a little cubby house. His house took exactly three days to finish. This house was a bit more steady than the one with straws. 

While the two little piglets were having a great time in their nearly built homes, the eldest of them all was constantly working because he was building a home from bricks and rocks. The other piglets thought that his effort was useless and all they did was play around and kill time. “Why would you bother with these when you can quickly finish as we have? Hey, how scared is he?” The two piglets teased. The elder piglet didn’t bother listening to them. He worked for one whole week and managed to finish his house made out of bricks and rocks. 

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A day later, a hungry wolf arrived at their home. He first stood in front of the house made of straw. The little piglet was resting in his house made of straw. The wolf knocked on the door. “Open the door and let me in. If you don’t, I’ll huff and puff. And blow your house in.” The little pig replied “you can’t do anything to me. My house is steady enough.”And so the wolf huffed and puffed and blew his house in. 

But with great effort, the little piglet managed to get away, and off he ran over to his brother’s house made of tree branches. He knocked on the door and when the middle piglet opened the door, the little piglet threw himself inside the house. After a while, the wolf came by the second piglet wooden house and yelled outside. “Open the door and let me in. If you don’t, I’ll huff and puff. And blow your house in.”

And so the wolf huffed and puffed and blew his house in and brought it down. Both piglets ran to the third piglet’s house and barely got away from the wolf. 

The two piglets were afraid. “Brother, the wolf is going this way. What are we going to do?” The oldest piglet answered, very sure of himself. He said, “don’t worry, the wolf cannot come into this house.”

A little later the starving wolf came by the third piglet’s house of bricks and stone and yelled at the three little pigs. “Open the door and let me in. If you don’t I’ll huff and puff. And blow your house in.” The third piglet answered. “Don’t even try you bad wolf. You cannot come into this house.”

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The wolf got very angry. He huffed and puffed but nothing happened. He could not bring his house down. He tried and tried but could not move one single brick. Finally being exhausted, the wolf decided to try another way to go in. He saw the chimney up on the roof and started to climb. 

Realizing that the wolf was going to climb up on the roof and come down the chimney, the piglet quickly lit up the fireplace right under the chimney and put a big bucket of water in the woods. The wolf barely climbed up the chimney and threw himself and went straight into the boiling bucket. 

Finally being free from the wolf, the piglets were filled with joy in this world. “We have done our best! If you really work for something, it will be a success.” From that day on the two piglets were never lazy. They worked hard like their big brother and lived happy and safe lives.

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