June 21, 2024
Top 10 free website builders

Today, we are looking at the Top 10 free website builders.

Website builders are gaining popularity and are used to build a blog and commercial websites. This article takes you through the top 10 website builders but before that, what are these website builders? 

Why should one opt for website builders? And what are the pros and cons of these website builders? 

Website builders are simply tools or programs that allow one to construct a website with minimal or without code editing. These tools offer ease of use with minimal technical knowledge (no prior programming or design skills required) with drag and drop support and hundreds of templates. 

Wondering which is the best website builder to choose? 

Top 10 free website builders

Below I have prepared a list of the most popular website builders you can choose from.

1. Wix.com

Also seen as ‘heavyweights’, Wix.com has over 500 designer-made templates and over 3000 users. 

Wix.com also offers other benefits such as advanced search engine optimization (SEO) and social tools, free option and premium plans, 500MB bandwidth for free websites, free domains, and drag anywhere editor.

2. WordPress.com 

WordPress.com offers free, beautiful, and customizable designs, fast and secure hosting, and 24/7 support. 

However, wordpress.com randomly inserts Ads anywhere on your content and there is no way to control where the Ad shows.


XPRS does not add Ads on free websites and offers nice themes and this is worth considering to build your website. 

Unfortunately, subdomains given are sometimes unusable. 

4. Ucraft

Ucraft templates are split into categories making them easy to use. Also, Ucraft offers completely free plans and in-built security and analytics features, decent subdomain and enables one to add his/her own domain name.

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5. Web.com

Web.com offers over 2500 galleries of templates with cross-compatibility across them. They also offer to coach on SEO and online marketing. However, they do not offer a free plan or trial package.

6. Carrd

Carrd is used for building single-page websites with affordable packages starting as low as $9. Free packages have one hardly noticeable ad. Carrd is easy to use with a well-designed editor.

7. Network solutions

One of the outstanding features of network solutions is integration with PayPal. It also offers a variety of marketing tools, a wide range of pictures and images, and discount coupons in several plans.

8. Zyro

Backed with AI tools for logo building and AI writers. It contains a user-friendly interface and affordable basic plans 

9. Square online

They are the best website builders for commercial websites. They are perfect for small businesses and it’s easily linked to social media with a variety of products up for sale. 

They offer a variety of free features and store supervision with tracking options.

10. BigCommerce

Ideal for large and fast-growing businesses. Plans include unlimited storage and bandwidth and unrestricted inventory sizes. 

They also offer features like selling on Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, eBay, and more. Just like network solutions, BigCommerce offers integration with PayPal.

11. Olitt

This is one of the fastest growing website builders right now. Allows you to connect custom domain even when using the free plan.


Website builders can be evaluated based on the ease of use, the editor, number of themes, support for customization, and integration of third party services such as PayPal, presence of trial package or plan among others.

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While there are other website builders, the choice should be dictated by these factors and how well they met yourdemand.

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