April 23, 2024
types of coding

In today’s world, coding is one of the most in-demand skills. If you’re a business owner and want to increase your chances of success, knowing how to code will be a valuable asset. 

In this blog post, we’ll go over 4 types of codes that are commonly used. You will learn about their meanings and what resources exist if you want to learn them!

1). Programming language

Programming language is a set of syntax and rules that need to be followed when writing code. 

In other words, it is the programming “language” you have to speak in order for the software or website you’re building to understand what actions are being performed. 

There are many different types of computer languages out there designed by programmers just like yourself! 

If you’re interested, here is an awesome list of more than 150 coding languages

2). Layout code  

As the name suggests – is used for laying out content on a webpage. 

Layout code will be embedded between HTML tags such as (and not limited to) div, p, and span. 

If you are familiar with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), then this may sound like that! 

A quick example of layout code:

<p style

This snippet of code can be placed in any element (div, p, etc.) and specify how the text within it should look like!

3). Markup Languages

Now let’s move on to markup languages! 

Markup languages are primarily used for presenting content (usually text) in a structured way. 

This may include but is not limited to headings, paragraphs, and spans, etc. 

One of the most popular ones out there today is HTML again! 

There are also different types of a markup language like XML (Extensible Markup Language). 

Let’s go over an example:

markup-language: { /* Text Styles */ } 

This snippet of code can be placed in any element – just like layout code – and specify how the text within it should look like! 

What makes this one different than layout code though? 

Well, unlike layout codes which need both opening/closing tags to specify the content, markup codes only need opening tags. 

This makes them less rigid and easier for humans to write.

4). Turing complete

Now let’s look at Turing complete! 

Turing complete is a type of code that can solve all possible algorithmic problems within certain limitations. 

There are many examples of such languages but one example may be LISP (LISt Programming Language).

If you’re interested in learning this language check out this blog post “What Is Lisp?

And there we go, folks! 

We hope you enjoyed reading the next sentences of the blog post and learned about some new coding types along the way! 

Now if you want to learn any of these types why not leave us a comment below and we will keep producing more content like this.

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