April 15, 2024
unique selling point

In this blog post, we will talk about how to find your unique selling point. Every person and company has a different USP that sets them apart from the competition. 

Some companies have a strong reputation for quality products or services; others are known for being on time and reliable. 

Whatever it is that sets you apart from the other businesses in your field make sure to highlight it in marketing materials! 

You may need more than one USP to really distinguish yourself as an industry leader. So how can you find your own USP? 

Step 1: Brainstorm ideas

The first step is to identify all of those things that set you apart from everyone else in your market: 

  • The number of years since my business was founded
  • My degree (or lack thereof)
  • The number of employees on my team
  • My experience in the industry 

Once you have identified those things that make your company unique, think about how to integrate them into marketing materials and social media. 

Steps to take: 

-Brainstorm a list of all things that make your company unique, then match them with potential marketing ideas and social media content. You may need more than one USP!

-Integrate these into any materials you create for advertising or publicizing your business (such as blog posts) so it’s clear what makes you different. See if others can’t be convinced by your uniqueness too!

Step 2: Identify your customer

Who are you marketing to? 

What do they care about most? 

What does your product or service provide for them in their day-to-day life, and how can that be best communicated to potential customers through social media posts (i.e., “I’m a great listener” or “I’ll always get the job done”)? 

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Steps to take: 

Think about who will read this blog post – is it entrepreneurs looking for advice on what makes businesses unique, small business owners needing new ideas, other brands trying to find inspiration from others’ success stories?

Whatever type of reader you’re writing for should have an impact on your content! 

Step 3: Analyze your competitors

What are your competitors focusing on in their marketing? 

Do they have a strong USP, or is it just “we’re cheaper”? Think about what sets them apart from the other companies. 

Steps to take:

If you can’t find anything that makes your competitor stand out, make sure to highlight all of the things that set you apart with social media posts and marketing materials! 

You may need more than one USP! 

Remember – even though there may be many others in this industry who seem similar to you at first glance, every company has something unique about them. 

Figure out how yours sets you apart from everyone else and use those points for announcements and blog posts so potential customers know what makes your brand different from the rest.

Step 4: List your strengths 

What do you know that your competitors don’t? 

Do you have a personality trait (i.e., being punctual, compassionate) that sets you apart from the other companies in this industry? 

Figure out how to show these strengths off effectively! 

If no one is aware of these qualities about your company, they won’t be able to recognize what makes them different from the rest – and it might not be enough for people to choose your product or service just because there’s something “different” about yours on paper. 

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Make sure potential customers are really seeing what makes you stand out so they can make an educated decision and understand why choosing YOU would benefit them.

Steps to take: 

Figure out what your company’s strengths are – you may need more than one USP (unique selling point)!

If potential customers don’t know about the benefits of choosing your product or service, they may not be able to recognize why it would benefit them. 

So make sure those who read your blog post can see that there is something different about YOUR particular business! 

You might want to integrate these points into each social media marketing post and any other materials for advertising so people know how you’re unique!

Step 5: Know your weaknesses

What don’t you know that your competitors do? 

Do other companies in the industry (i.e., where are they better than me?) have a product or service that you’re just not offering yet? 

Figure out what distinguishes YOU from everyone else and make sure potential customers know it! 

Steps to take: 

Find out what you’re missing that other companies in your industry are offering – figure out how to incorporate this into marketing materials and social media posts so customers know there’s something different about YOUR company. 

You might want to create blog content, announcements on social media sites, or even a new product just for those who read your content. You will have multiple USPs if you do these things!

Tips to consider when looking for USP 

It might be about your customer service, a certain product you offer, or the personality of your brand. 

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Look for ways to highlight what sets YOU apart from everyone else in this industry! 

You may need more than one USP! 

Your company’s uniqueness should show on every social media post and marketing material so potential customers know how they’re different when choosing your business over another. 


USPs are often not just about price – even if it seems like all companies in an industry have similar pricing, there is always something that distinguishes YOUR particular company! 

Figure out what makes you stand out by analyzing your competitors, listing strengths of yourself as well as weaknesses to address later. 

Once you have done these things, you will be able to create content that shows people what makes YOUR company unique.

And that is how to find your unique selling point.

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