April 15, 2024
Upperlink Hosting

Do you know what it takes for a hosting company to stand out? Upperlink hosting has worked smart over the years to remain relevant and offer top of the market services to their clients.

This Nigeria based company has been operational for quite some years and is currently offering hosting services to some of the top banks in Nigeria and clients all over the world. To add, it is the only ICAA accredited company in Nigeria and the 8th in the whole of Africa.  

In this case, it is not a surprise that their products and services are unique and very strategic for the current market needs. Let’s explore what they offer.

Products and Services:

  1. Bank Account Monitoring System

This is a treasury management portal that makes it easy for you to manage your bank accounts across different banks. It is an essential service specially to states and corporate organizations who utilize several bank accounts from different banks in their daily financial operations. The tool ensures that you account for all the bank accounts and enables you to generate customized reports as you wish. 

  1. Educhoice

Get a cloud-based school administration system for managing both academic and administrative functions from one portal. This centralization ensures that all school functions are well integrated and easy to use. This portal can be integrated into any existing website or learning management system making it a seamless procedure and a user-friendly venture.

  1. Paychoice

Having difficulty processing the payroll? Upperlink hosting gives you a secure, fast and easy-to-use payment solution that is designed to use. In no time, you can process bulk payments, salaries or remittances at the click of a button.

  1. E-hospital
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Compared to other facilities, hospitals need to be fast and efficient. Upperlink hosting offers you exactly what you need for a managing the complex Nigerian hospitals complexities.

  1. Biochoice

Upperlink hosting has the best management solutions just for you. The biochoice solution allows for seamless integration of third-party applications which is helpful for report generation and data analysis. With biochoice, you have the assurance that your devices are protected from unauthorized users using the time-sensitive and critical identity assurance solution features.

Contact Details

You can get access to Upperlink hosting solutions throught the following contacts.

Email: [email protected]

Phone number: +2349036581855 or +2348135833739

Best Alternatives

A healthy market is normally highly competitive. This is the same case with hosting services.

Upperlink hosting is unique considering the services it offers but we have other hosting service providers who also provide top of the market services.

We’re here to help you window shop for the best as you find one that best suits your needs. Here are some of the best solutions at the top of our list:

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