April 14, 2024

In 2011, Amir Barsoum and Ahmed Badr set out to build a complete digital healthcare ecosystem that would give patients the information and knowledge they needed to make informed decisions about their health and well-being, despite the high cost of healthcare and the long wait times that come with it.

Residents of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) use Vezeeta.com to book and manage their healthcare appointments online. They’re at the front of the movement toward making medical appointments online, which makes it easier for everyone in the area to get care.

The goal of this provider of digital outpatient services is to give patients more ease and comfort. Appointments can be made for in-clinic, virtual, or at-home consultations and the platform sends automated refill reminders to make sure patients take their medications as prescribed and have a great healthcare experience based on real patient reviews and ratings, live doctors’ scheduling, location, fees, and health insurance providers.

Patients can read more than 200,000 reviews of local doctors in just a few seconds. This lets them quickly narrow down their choices, make an informed decision, and make an appointment. Our clinic management software lets doctors treat patients in a single place for all of their needs.

Their business goes to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon, Kenya, and Nigeria, all of which are in the Middle East. They want to be the best at what they do in the healthcare business, and they will never stop making new products that make people’s lives better.

How it Works

At its core, Vezeeta is a digital “healthcare concierge” that gives its 6 million users in the Middle East and Africa a full range of services.

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This category includes a lot of important services, like setting up medical appointments, offering local and international virtual teleconsultations, making urgent primary care calls, sending doctors to patients’ homes, and delivering medications to patients’ homes.

This network connects patients to more than 30,000 of the best doctors, drug companies, and insurance companies.

The company charges a fee for booking medical appointments, services, and tests. It also charges a monthly membership fee for its SaaS products.

Since it started, Egypt’s Online Pharmacy has taken care of more than 100,000 orders from patients who needed virtual teleconsultations, electronic prescription uploads, and access to drugs that keep them alive. In both Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Home Visits were quickly picked up by the public.

The first version of Vezeeta only lets people rate their doctors. Vezeeta changed the system so that people could rate their doctors’ offices based on things like how clean the waiting room was, how helpful the receptionists were, and how long they had to wait to be seen. 

As a result, doctors suddenly started getting more feedback from patients. This caused many doctors to step up their game so they wouldn’t get a lot of bad reviews on Vezeeta’s website.


Amir Barsoum

amir barsoum

Amir Barsoum is the Founder & CEO of Vezeeta.

Before joining Vezeeta, Amir worked as a management consultant for healthcare and fast-moving consumer goods companies in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa (MENA).

He was also the leader of the MENA Strategy Team at AstraZeneca.

Amir has a Master of Business Administration from the American University in Cairo, a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Ain Shams University, and an Executive Education Certificate in Scaling Startups from Harvard Business School.

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He is also an Endeavor Entrepreneur and serves on the boards of both the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and Endeavor Egypt. In 2017, Cairo Scene Magazine named Amir one of the 17 most important people in Egypt.

Ahmed Badr

Ahmed Badr

Ahmed Badr is the founder of Vezeeta.

He is also the chief executive officer of Zollect.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Gulf Capital, Saudi Technology Ventures, BECO Capital, Silicon Badia, Vostok New Ventures, Crescent Enterprises’ CE-Ventures, and Endeavour Catalyst.

Vezeeta has successfully closed a $40 million Series D round of funding. Gulf Capital, which is based in Abu Dhabi, is the largest and most active alternative asset management company in the Middle East, so it led the round.

Saudi Technology Ventures also took part (STV). They also helped Vezeeta raise $12 million in its Series C round. With this round of funding, Vezeeta has raised a total of $63 million.

Since the investment, the company has grown, which gives them more power and lets them welcome Gulf Capital with open arms. The next chapter of Vezeeta’s story gives it an even better chance of success.

Main Competitors

Healthy.io: With Healthy.io, the camera on your phone could be used as a high-tech diagnostic tool.

Strados Labs: It has changed the way breathing is tracked by using biosensor technology and AI.

Coriell Life Sciences: It helps patients get the most out of precision medicine by using pharmacogenomics and clinical decision support programs.


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