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Before I introduce you to vox web hosting services you should first know that in South Africa, (resellers) have ventured into the web hosting business just to add an extra source of income.

So please don’t rush while selecting the website hosting provider as it can make or break your online presence to your website thus affecting your business. 

It is therefore advisable to check out the reviews of the web hosting provider before choosing one. Security, reliability, and service are the three factors that determine a good website hosting company, so double-check these features before finalizing a web hosting company.

There is a high possibility to get tempted by the free web hosting offers but settle for a one which provides wonderful features at reasonable rates. In most reviews, you will get a good picture of the company and how credible they are. 

Vox is a leading telecoms operator, providing voice, data, and collaboration services to the southern African market. The company prides itself on technical expertise, innovation, and the delivery of superior product quality. with the growth of the online businesses the company also offers web hosting services. Services are of quality and reflect the company image in other aspects.

VOX Hosting Services


To start with they do provides a domain checking and purchasing service. A quick search will confirm the availability of your preferred website name and domain. They do offer both international and localised domains, including .com; .co.za; .org; .org.za; .net; .info; among others. For the full list, please see the pricing below.

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domain pricing

Shared Hosting

Vox offers affordable Web Hosting on both Windows and Linux Operating Systems. They also backup websites daily and are hosted in secure data centers. Some features that come with hosting include:

  • Easy FTP Access
  • Windows and Linux packages supported
  • Free co.za Domain
  • Hosted in ISO compliant datacenters with access to Vox carrier-class networks
  • 24/7 Expert Support

For the pricing part here is the packages they do offer

Linux hosting

vox liinux plans

The windows hosting package plans

windows vox hosting plans

To contact Vox

Call 087 805 0000


[email protected]

MORE INFO [email protected]

VOX Webhosting Altanatives

Don’t worry here at Tech&Butter we make sure you are satisfied with the details by giving you other best alternatives to consider. There are also tens of providers itching to take you online. So, for the sake of having options, here is a list of worthy providers you should check out.

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