April 15, 2024

In developing countries, Wasla is the main mobile web browser and desktop extension for e-commerce. We collect coupons, promo codes, and cash-back deals from more than 100 local and regional online stores to help you save money when you shop online.

In the last three years, 85 percent of the growth of the internet has come from developing economies, where more than a billion people have gone online for the first time but the next billion have been given the wrong tools to connect online, which changes how people learn about and use internet services.

Wasla has a unique point of view that everyone should be able to save time and money by using the internet. Their goal is to build a network that helps all people who use the internet in developing countries.

Wasla is a new version of the current web browser. It gets rid of the need for out-of-date desktop clients in favor of a mobile-first experience made with African users in mind. We offer a unique way to buy things by using reward, browsing, and e-commerce technologies.

They offer unique services to help you better understand, find, convert, and reward your customers.

Additionally, they offer services like affiliate marketing, market research, advertising, and customer loyalty programs.

How it Works

Wasla is a company in Cairo that has made a mobile browser that lets people get free mobile data in exchange for prizes.

If you use the Wasla browser a lot, you may be able to get rewards for doing so. Affiliate marketing and field research are among the services offered, and users can use their points to get free airtime right from their browser’s wallet.

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Wasla can also help you find ways to save money when you shop online. Wasla gives you access to discounts and cash-back offers from more than a hundred different stores in every shopping category you can think of.

Stop by any of these shops to feel the charm of Wasla for yourself since their Deal Finder is always looking for the best cash-back or coupon deals so that you can save as much money as possible on the best products. 

To start saving, you can either click on the cash-back offer or copy the discount code from the Deal Finder at the bottom of each store’s page. It’s that simple.

You can be sure that they’ve looked all over the web for the best deals from your favorite online stores because they tell their Customer Service staff about the shop you love that they don’t support yet, and they’ll add it right away since there are always more places to shop.


Mahmoud El Said

Mahmoud El Said:
Co-Founder & CEO at Wasla Browser

Mahmoud El Said is the Co-Founder & CEO at Wasla Browser. 

He attended The American University of Paris.

Taymour Sabry

Taymour Sabry :
Co-Founder & CPO at Wasla

Taymour Sabry is the co-founder at Wasla Browser and is now its Head of Product.

After getting his degree in international business from UC San Diego, he moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to work in the IT industry there, which is growing quickly.

Taymour has been a part of two $10 million funding rounds. The first one was with Taskspotting, and the second one was with ReserveOut.

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After that, Taymour joined RocketInternet as an entrepreneur in residence and helped get Foodora started.

Taymour and Serag Meneassy have worked in several businesses in the past. Now, they have started Botler, a company that uses artificial intelligence to automate customer service on social media in Arabic.

They took part in the Startupbootcamp Accelerator program in Istanbul and got a start-up grant from the Dubai government after three rounds of fundraising from outside sources.

Serag Meneassy

Serag Meneassy:
Building a Better Internet for Emerging Markets @ Wasla Browser

Serag Meneassy is the co-founder of Wasla Browser and is now its Head of Growth.

He went to UMass Boston to study International Business Management as his main subject.

Serag started in the business world as a Management Consultant for Deloitte in Dubai.

Later, he worked at Rocket Internet as an Entrepreneur in Residence and helped start the companies Foodora, Carmundi, and Lamudi. Serag and Taymour Sabry quit their jobs after getting the skills they needed to start Botler, an AI company whose goal is to automate customer service on Arabic social media.

They went to the Startupbootcamp accelerator in Istanbul and, after successfully raising three rounds of outside money, got a setup grant from the government of Dubai.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Egypt Ventures, Glint Ventures, and Ebtikar for Financial Investments

Wasla Browser has raised $1 million through crowdfunding.

The company wants to be the first one in these new market niches.

Before this acquisition, the company had already raised $200,000 from its first investors.

With the money raised, the company wants to hire more people, come up with new product lines, and put more focus on helping people get access to money.

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The Wasla team is also planning to make a big international push in Africa and the Middle East.

Main Competitors

Perion: This is a global technology company that offers cutting-edge advertising products and services to companies all over the world.

The Trade Desk: It is a demand-side platform (DSP) that gives people who want to buy digital content different tools for doing so.

Kaffeen: The first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, the Kaffeen app lets people buy coffee online.


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