April 15, 2024
Ways a Startup Can Use Twitter

In this blog post, you will learn ways a startup can use Twitter. Twitter is a social media platform that can be used to increase your company’s visibility. It has been around since 2006 and it seems to have no sign of slowing down in the near future. 

There are many ways for startups to use Twitter in order to grow their business, but here are 10+ different methods! 

1). Create a Twitter account

This may seem like an obvious place to start, but you would be surprised by how many companies do not even bother with this step. 

2). Use hashtags

Adding relevant hashtags will help people find your tweets more easily. 

You should also include keywords related to your industry or company name when adding hashtags so that they show up on search results when people are looking for companies similar to yours.

3). @StartupCompany

Startups should be sure to use the company’s name as a hashtag in their tweets! 

This will help your posts show up on Twitter searches, making it easier for people who are trying to find information about your company or industry. 

4). Announce new features 

This is the main way startups can use Twitter. 

If you have recently released a new product or upgrade, tweet about it using the company’s name as a hashtag. 

People who are interested in your industry will be notified of this information and they may want to check out what you’ve created!

5). Keep Investors informed 

Investors want to know how their investment is doing, so make sure to notify them of company updates. 

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This could include new hires or a big project that you have been working on.

6). Handle problems through direct messages 

If you have a dissatisfied customer or client, do not tweet about it! Send them a private message to deal with their concerns. 

This will help your company’s image so that others will still be willing to work with you in the future.

7). Use photos, GIFs, and polls 

People are more likely to engage with your tweet if it includes a photo or GIF, so adding these images can help you gain additional followers. 

You should also consider using polls because they allow people to share their opinions and this encourages discussion!

8). Do live tweets 

Doing live tweets is another one of the ways a startup can use Twitter. An easy way to engage with your followers is by live-tweeting during conferences and events. 

Make sure that you use the company’s name as a hashtag so that people who are following this event can easily find it online!

9). Host and participate in Twitter chats 

Twitter chats are a great way to generate leads. You can find these by looking for hashtags that have the words “Twitter chat” or “#twitchname”, then simply join in on the conversation!

10). Advertise on Twitter 

There are two main ways to advertise on Twitter: Promoted Tweets and a Sponsored Account. 

A promotional tweet can be targeted at certain users based on their interests, age group, or location so that they see your post when using the app.

Meanwhile, you can run a sponsored account if you want to gain followers who will follow you for life!

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11). Link with other social media platforms

If people enjoy interacting with your business through Twitter then this may prompt them to check out what else you have going on online. 

Try linking up your company’s website/blog from the bio section of each profile page in order to get more traffic!

12). Engage with influencers

Engaging with influencers is another ways a startup can use Twitter. You should also try reaching out to influential Twitter users in order to get more followers. 

It may be easier for you to interact with these people if you follow them first because then they will see that someone is interested in their posts and want to return the favor!

13). Copy your competitors

You can also use Twitter search or a tool like Mention or Social Searcher to find other companies who are sharing similar updates as yours, then check out what kind of information they have been tweeting about so that you can create content based on this!

14). Use specific hashtags related 

Using relevant hashtags when using Twitter helps new users learn about your company, but it also generates leads from experts within your industry. 

Make sure not only include keywords to the business itself, but you might want to consider asking questions, sharing information, and providing your opinion during this time so that people will start following you. 

This helps grow your company’s presence online because it shows potential customers what kind of product they can expect from you.

People may also choose to follow you if they like what they see!

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Twitter is an excellent place for startups to build their audience and market themselves, but make sure to take these tips into consideration when using this social media platform!

I hope you enjoyed Ways a Startup Can Use Twitter.

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