April 18, 2024
Understand Webscreations Design Before You Signup.

Understand Webscreations Design Before You Signup.

The Webscreations design has many years of leading experience with global businesses of all sizes and has built up an affluence of web hosting expertise.

This has put them a scratch above other web hosting companies in Kenya. Webscreations Design is a company that you can rely on for all of your web hosting. With 24 hour support and a money-back guarantee, there is no reason not to sign up today!

So regardless of your needs and the size of your business, they have your hosting covered!. They have also invested heavily in backup infrastructure to provide a business-class level of service powered by 100% SSD disks for blazingly fast data transfer, stored completely off-site, and powered by R1Soft.

These are the top reasons why you should choose the Webscreations design group.

When it comes to customer support they provide a high level of support

They also focus on the quality of services and are passionate about what they do

For your feedback, they do listen and have lots of tutorials on how to get your website up and running.

Webscreations Design Products and Services

Domain Name Registration in Kenya

As a company, they are registered to sell domains. With good prices their domains come also with:


You can easily manage your domain from inside your account, change your nameservers, setup custom IPs & forwarding.


Also, manage your WHOIS records, you can opt-in for private WHOIS easily and quickly from inside your account at any time.


All of our TLDs are highly competitive, you can register your .com domain and get your business up and running quickly. Here is the pricing plan:

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Webscreations domains prices

WebHosting In Webscreations Design

Shared Hosting

There are four packages to choose from:

Starter  – costs KES 2000 per year, making it perfect for small businesses.

Bronze package – costs KES 4,000 per year. Gives you everything you need to grow online

Silver package – goes for KES 7,000 paid annually.

Gold plan – sets you back KES 14,000 per year but turbo-boosts your business online. Comes with unlimited features.

Webscreations shared hosting

Reseller Hosting

There are three packages to choose from:

Starter  – costs KES 2,900 per month with 50gb space and 1000gb bandwidth. 

Standard – costs KES 4,400 per month and comes with 100gb space and 2000gb bandwidth.

Bronze package – goes for KES 6,400 per month with 200gb storage and 4000bg bandwidth. 

Webscreations  reseller plans

VPS Hosting

Only 2 plans available one costing 2,500 and the other one 4,000 shillings.

Webscreations vps plans

Dedicated Servers

With three plans available the dedicated servers are suitable for online gaming. 

dedicate server plans

Webscreations Design SSL Certificates

Now, let’s secure our website. After having a domain and a hosting plan it is very important to ensure your website is secured from attacks such as hacking. Whenever your website is secure it increases your credibility to clients knowing you care about their data security. 

There are many types of security certificates available from the Webcreations group and take a look and choose one.

Webscreations Design ssl certificate

Webscreations Design Email Hosting

Communication has always been key to building a successful business. the Webcreations group email hosting plans provide the features you need to have easy and smooth communication with your clients and business partners. Webcreations group provide email hosting to thousands of businesses all over the world delivering the tools they need to handle their daily routines electronically.

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A business email hosting plan is required for companies due to its reliability. They run multiple email servers at the same time and also can’t allow an important message to be missed. You will have 24/7 access to your business email box via the Email client on your computer, mobile device, or webmail.

Each message that is sent to you will be inspected by a commercial anti-spam system which will not allow a single spam message to be delivered to your inbox to waste valuable time. The professional anti-spam gateway used filters 99.98% of the spam out of the box with no custom configuration.

You will be able to access your business email account via IMAP and POP3. You will be able to use a free shared SSL certificate to connect to the server and send data encrypted for maximum security

Webscreation email hosting plans

Website Builder

Finally, there is also a website builder for someone without a website. You may also feel the need to create a new website and with this service, you are guaranteed a good website. They use the Weebly website builder for the service. 

Webscreations design contacts

  • Live chat: on their website www.webscreationsdesigngroup.com/ you are given a pop-menu to talk to one of their customer support representatives. 
  • Contact form: on the website also they give you an option to use a form where you key in personal details and once submitted the company and they will email you. 
  • Tickets: You can also submit a ticket of one of two types available (sales or support) through TICKET 

Webscreations design best alternatives

whenever you want to choose a hosting company it is always important to check all the available options and the best suited for your website. And that is what I am trying to give you here at Tech&Butter.com, a place to do all your research and hopefully make better decisions.

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Here’s your list (click to read what I think about the company)

I will be adding others as they come.

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