April 14, 2024

Website Builder in Nigeria Olitt

Have you ever thought of being online and getting noticed? You can create your online presence with the use of a Website Builder in Nigeria.

You should be guessing what a website builder is. Here is your answer. A website builder is a tool that enables you to create and design a website without using any coding skills. You can do this with the help of the Olitt.com tool.

Before digging more into Olitt.com, let us look into types of website builders

Types of website builders

There are only two types of website builders namely; online and offline.

Online website builder

It is a type of website builder that runs on the provider’s server and is web-based. You only need a web browser and an internet connection. Web browsers are platforms that help you to access a website from anyplace, anytime, using any computer device.

This kind of website comes with web hosting services thus you do not need to buy or set it differently.

Remember, you can create your website using online website builders for they are designed in a way that they are easy to use. They do not require any prior knowledge of coding. An example of this website builder tool is Olitt.com.

Offline website builder

This is a software that you download and install on your computer.

It contains programs that help you create a website and save the files on the computer. Once the website is ready, you upload the files to a web provider through FTP. 

This type of website allows you to work on your website even if you are offline because it runs the software on your computer. With this tool, you need to have some skills to use it. Rapidweaver is an example of an offline website builder.

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Back to Olitt.com as an online website builder.

You can use this website building tool in Nigeria for it is the best and reliable online website builder. 

You only need a maximum of five minutes to create and design professional websites using this tool. Do not worry, you do not need any coding experience or coding skills.

All you need is know how to operate and move your mouse around, thanks to the drag-and-drop technology built into the core of Olitt.

How does it work?

This is how to create and design your website and go live in under five minutes:

  1. Choose your best design templates that suit your niche.
  2. Edit and replace the texts, images, and videos to fit your niche
  3. Rearrange the elements by using drag and drop tools
  4. Click publish to make your website public.

Congratulations! You are live.

Features of Olitt.com website builder

Website Builder in Nigeria features of olitt

Olitt.com’s builder is packed with a lot of features any website designer can need. You can access all these features free of charge or at a smaller fee depending on the package you choose.

The following are features of Olitt.com that make it a unique fit for your website;

  1. Domain names- You can access hundreds of domain name extensions at olitt.com at an insanely discounted price.
  2. Custom domain- Olitt allows you to connect your new site with a custom domain.
  3. SEO tools- This feature helps you to optimize your search for websites or landing pages.
  4. SSL certificates – You need SSL certificates to protect your website data from unauthorized access. Olitt.com provides this feature for free.
  5. DNS management-  manages your domain name records for free.
  6. Integrations- Olitt.com comes with several in-built integrations to steer its functionality. For instance, you can collect payments from your landing pages and websites in an easy manner by adding either the PayPal or Stripe to it. Also collects emails and customer feedback.
  7. The global CDN – 10X the loading speed of your pages with this free CDN (over 40 PoPs in 5 continents)
  8. Add custom code to make your imaginations come to life.
  9. Lastly, monitor and track traffic on your website by integrating Google Analytics.
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Olitt page builder Pricing in Nigeria

Olitt page builder Pricing in Nigeria

At Olitt.com, there are two types of packages free options and premium ones. The packages cater to all users who are in need of a website builder in Nigeria. all you have to do is pick the one according to your needs.

You can take advantage of a free package and later on upgrade to a business or professional packages.

Why Use Olitt.com?

The following are reasons why you should adopt the Olitt.com website creator tool.

  1. Olitt.com provides you with massive and admirable website templates
  2. Comes with a drag-and-drop tool, making it easy to use
  3. You can create a free website and only upgrade as your business grow. this way you save a few bucks.
  4. Get free SSL certificates
  5. Easily track your performance on the website by using inbuilt google web tools
  6. It comes with SEO tools that increase your visibility on the internet
  7. No coding skills or prior experience to create your website.
  8. Very fast loading websites with high-speed
  9. Guaranteed security.

If you want a website builder in Nigeria for your next project, Olitt.com got your back.

Here is a simple example;

If you are into trading, you can start a blog and give people free trading guides. And then make money through affiliate marketing.

Try Olitt.com today https://www.olitt.com.

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