June 21, 2024
What’s So Trendy About EAC Directory That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

What’s So Trendy About EAC Directory That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

Whenever you want to have a website there are key things you require. A domain name and a hosting company. As you look for this two major requirement you might have come across EAC Directory as one ot the companies listed. Here is why:

From the naming East Africa Community  Directory, this is a limited liability company serving the EAC block at large with 100% local shareholding in Kenya.

The company was also incorporated in 2005 under the companies’ act and has rapidly grown to the East Africa market.  They are serving Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi. 

EAC Directory Products and Services


While a trend is emerging to all hosting companies, also EAC does sell domains whereby they are accredited by kenic.Domain name registration (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi) and TLDs ( .com, .org, .biz, .tv, .me e.t.c) 

Here are some of the pricing plans

domain pricing

Web Hosting 

Webhosting is a service rendered to an individual or a company by a particular company with technology and resources to enable websites or webpages to be viewed on the internet. In the same way EAC directory offer two types of packages.

There is corporate hosting for companies requiring big storage space and manage resources and there is an SME package for individuals, small companies.

The corporate hosting

EAC Directory coporate package

The SME package

sme package

SSL Certificates (Encrypt personal data)

 This secures the transmission of data. SSL is an encryption layer that encodes information that is exchanged between your browser and a server

SSL gif

They also offer three package plans for this service:

EAC Directory ssl certificates

Google Suite Authorized Reseller

How about working from home? The EAC company is also authorized to sell google app packages. This packages allow organizations or companies to use their domain names and share resources in a cloud base.

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With Everything your business will needs you then focus on building your business with secure, straightforward, cost-effective productivity tools.

This are tools your employees want and are familiar with, that will help them work the way they want from anywhere, with anyone, and on any device.

EAC Directory google suite

Website Builder

Making a website has been simplified in a manner you do not need a developer. The company provides you with a website builder at a cost-friendly fee where you build on your own terms.

They have good interfaces all you have to worry about is your content. The pricing plan is categorized into three groups:


EAC Directory Contacts

To contact EACdirectory call 0709 399 000

The physical address is at Vision Plaza -Along Mombasa Road 2nd Floor Office No. 48

For mail purposes, you can use  P.O.Box 3543-00200 Nairobi, Kenya

You can also submit a ticket through TICKET

Alternatively you can contact the company through their social media accounts.

EAC Directory Best Alternatives

whenever you want to choose a hosting company it is always important to check all the available options and the best suited for your website.

And that is what I am trying to give you here at Tech&Butter.com, a place to do all your research and hopefully make better decisions.

Here’s your list (click to read what I think about the company)

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