April 18, 2024
truehost south africa
Truehost South Africa

Just right off the bat, are you by any chance looking for free domain in South Africa?

Well, within this simple guide, I will reveal how you can get a .co.za domain (but there must be a catch, right?) stick around to find out.

Truehost South Africa is arguably one of the cheapest web hosting providers ever to grace South African market.

As you will soon find out, one of their lowest packages is going for R80 per year (that is R7 per month 😮)

Finding it hard to believe? I couldn’t either, but I will provide a prove.

Before that allow me to introduce you to who Truehost South Africa is and what they do.

Who is Truehost South Africa?

It is a cloud web hosting company and subsidiary of Truehost Cloud headquartered in Austin Texas, United States.

The company deals with:

  • Cloud servers
  • Cloud backup software
  • Web hosting

And just like its child, the mother company is much affordable than others. As of the quality, there is no match. Their servers are fast, secure, and located around the world (datacenters).

Back to Truehost South Africa, the following are some of the services they offer:

Truehost South Africa services and pricing

Web hosting

Truehost South Africa hosting pricing

They come on top as the cheapest Web hosting providers in in South Africa. Boosts unbelievable hosting features for businesses and developers in South Africa.

As we all know, each one of us got unique needs, consequently affecting our budgets and stuff.

Truehost understands that which reflects on the pricing of their packages.

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With that in mind, there are three types of website owners:

Categories of website owners

Type #1: beginners – these are those just starting out with their first ever website. As a beginner, you don’t need much resources and maybe have a tight budget.

For this reason, the Student plan is the best for you. Costs around R80 paid annually (R7/M), and comes with 1GB disk space, 1GB bandwidth, and free SSL certificate among other goodies.

Type #2: the intermediaries – you have a website or had one, and now looking to start a fresh or build a second online business. You need extra resources to boost your business, and that is why Personal package will work best.

Goes for R50 per month and gives you access to additional storage space of up to 30GB with unlimited bandwidth, one click installer among others.

Type #3: seasoned online entrepreneurs – you are under this category if you are seasoned website owner. Got at least 3 websites under your belt and they are doing really well (at least 10K unique visits per month).

With such numbers, you need additional resources to hand it, more bandwidth, additional disk space to handle media and extra websites.

Business and Enterprise package perfect sums that up. Goes for R70 and R190 billed annually.

Something worth noting:

As promised earlier, with every hosting account from Truehost South Africa, you get a free .co.za domain.


Truehost South Africa domains

You can register new website names or transfer from your current host.

Ready-made websites

truehost website builder

If you don’t have any coding skills or don’t want to incur extra costs hiring web designers, you can get ready-made websites at a cost of R45 per month.

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This website builder comes with a variety of templates, all you have to do is pick the one you like and get down editing.

SSL certificates

truehost ssl certificate

Google has made it public that any insecure websites (not using SSL) will have no place on their top ranking pages.

To avoid this, either get a free one or go for the premium. Truehost offers free SSL certificates. And if you need a premium one, there are plenty of affordable ones.

Cloud backups

cloud backup in South Africa

Wish to back up your files? Say CCTV footage, office or company files? Don’t sweat it, talk to these guys and they will help.

Servers and virtual machines (VMS)

virtual machines and servers in south africa

Looking for reliable and affordable virtual machines in South Africa? Check them out here.

Truehost South Africa contacts and Location

The company is situated in Preston Avenue, 2192 J’oburg, South Africa.


  • Phone – +27 22 88 000 22
  • Email – [email protected]
  • Live chat – found on their website

Social media accounts:

Best alternatives

It’s good to have options always. But bet you will find other affordable hosting providers better than Truehost. But hey, if you insist, here is a list:

  • 1-grid
  • Afrihost
  • Mweb hosting
  • HostAfrica.co.za

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