April 14, 2024

Launched as TozzaPlus in 2017, the startup was founded by Paul Kimani and Jackson Kibigo. As TozzaPlus, it was a full-on enterprise resource planning (ERP) software providing inventory management, CRM, HRM, accounting, and project management solutions.

It was rebranded in 2019 to WorkPay making it a cloud-based human resources management and payroll solution for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Africa. The startup’s time tracking and salary disbursement tools help African businesses save money and time by eliminating ghost workers from their payroll and inefficiencies associated with cash payments. 

Currently, WorkPay processes payrolls for more than 25,000 employees in Kenya and has more than 300 SMBs on its platform

In previous years, WorkPay was selected alongside 12 other startups for the fourth cohort of Google for Startups Accelerator Africa. 

The startup is currently working with more than 250 SMBs enabling them to pay over 20,000 employees monthly, and also saving between 5% to 10% costs associated with payroll processing by eliminating fraud and errors in their payroll systems.

Each month, it processes transactions worth millions of shillings for small and medium-sized businesses. Through an intuitive easy-to-use solution, WorkPay offers employee management with Time Tracking, Human Resource Management, and payroll processing with bulk salary payments to employees’ bank accounts or mobile wallets.

How it Works

HR Management

Workpay makes managing your staff a pleasure before they even start to the final day and every day in between.

WorkPay has a fast, paperless, and streamlined onboarding process in one place and from the get-go. You can send out offer letters and compensation packages while new hires can easily submit their information, upload documents, and access company records as needed.

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The dashboard and notifications give you real-time updates on who is at what stage of the onboarding process along with additional important information. That will enable you to effortlessly and quickly make better decisions.

Additionally, because the onboarding process is not the same for all recruits, you can quickly build distinct onboarding tracks for each set of new hires and easily adjust your onboarding process. Enjoy full control of your HR process.

Therefore, you can keep all employee and HR information in a single, highly secure location. All your information and documents are automatically synced and can be accessed from the cloud on any device, whenever and wherever you choose.

You can also remove the headache of managing your company’s approval processes by creating configurable approval workflows for your HR policies so that employee requests are directed to the appropriate approvers.

Using an organogram that automatically updates based on promotions, transfers, and other events, your employees can stay up to date on any changes, effectively enhancing integration.

Payroll Management

Manually managing payrolls is a thing of the past. An easy-to-use, automatic, and fully integrated system is what you need.

WorkPay enables you to streamline all your payroll processes into a single platform for ease of use and therefore, you never need to worry about double-entry again.

You can also automate your calculations and enjoy an error-free, completely compliant Payroll since Workpay handles all of the heavy lifts in a matter of seconds and without mistakes.

Additionally, with real-time and ready-to-download detailed reports, you can ensure you are always on top of the game. Get PAYE, NHIF, NSSF, NITA, HELB, and any other payroll reports you may need.

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EOR Services

A simple way to get the best talent in Africa working remotely without the hassle of establishing a local entity. Automated processes and compliance tailored to your unique requirements.

Workpay provides the opportunity to legally hire and pay employees anywhere in Africa without the need to establish a legal entity. This enables setting up global teams with diverse needs and managing them using one system.

Different countries across Africa have different ways of calculating payroll and payroll taxes. WorkPay software enables the running of local payrolls without having to worry about complex formulas.

WorkPay also ensures that your foreign employees are compliant with the local labor laws and that they obtain all the necessary permits and/or visas while keeping you informed throughout the process.

Time & Attendance

Modern time monitoring and scheduling solutions to help you avoid confusion, cut costs, and shorten turnaround time; working in harmony with other HR and payroll tools.

Employees who understand your policies are more likely to follow them. Time and attendance policies can be easily created, shared, and implemented.

With precise data and easy-to-understand attendance reports, you can keep track of staff punctuality. Make better, data-driven decisions.

Use biometric devices, facial devices, fingerprint readers, or mobile phones with GPS location enabled. 

Leaves & Times off

WorkPay enables you to automate the entire leave management process from request, and approval to employee reporting back.

You can also view all the leave and time-off information you need in a simple, yet detailed dashboard.

To properly evaluate and apply for leave, employees and supervisors can check their leave balances, employee days off, and schedules.

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With a unified Dashboard, you no longer waste time on inefficient tools such as paper, emails, and excel files.

With all of the information at your disposal, you can quickly and meticulously analyze data to make better decisions.


Paul Kimani

Paul Kimani

Paul Kimani is the Founder/CEO at WorkPay.

Jackson Kibigo

Jackson Kibigo

Jackson Kibigo is the COO and CFO at WorkPay. 

Jackson attended Y Combinator.

Investors & Funding Rounds

Kepple Africa Ventures, Y Combinator, Soma Capital, Musha Ventures, P1 Ventures, Angel Investors.

WorkPay has raised US$2.1 million in seed funding to fuel its growth.

The round is led by Kepple Africa Ventures, which also invested US$100,000 in WorkPay in 2019, and also sees participation from Y Combinator (WorkPay recently took part in the Silicon Valley-based accelerator program), Soma Capital, Musha Ventures, P1 Ventures, and several angel investors. 

This new investment will allow them to scale human resource management and payroll processing tools to SMBs and expand to enterprise clients across East Africa. 

Main Competitors

Lano: This is compliance & Payroll for Global Teams.

Paymob: It is a digital payments enabler for emerging markets, helping small and large enterprises accept payments online and in-store.

Machnet: This is an in-one single programmable API for cross-border payments.


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