April 18, 2024
A Biography of Carmelle Cadet

A passionate advocate for financial inclusion and economic development in emerging markets, Carmelle founded EMTECH, a NY-based Fintech, to help Central Banks around the world adopt modern technologies to provide financial inclusion by design and develop resilient financial market infrastructures.

Carmelle is an experienced Finance and Business Leader in the Enterprise IT sector, with specializations in Financial Services and Blockchain Technologies. 

Life of “Carmelle Cadet ” At a Glance:

Carmelle Cadet

Full Name: Carmelle Cadet

Awards: NYC Fintech Women’s Inspiring Fintech Females 2019.

Nationality: American

Place of Birth: Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Fields of Expertise: Financial Services, Treasury Management, and Blockchain Technologies

Institutions: New York University 

Contributions: Founded EMTECH

Birth, Education, and Early Life of “ Carmelle Cadet” :

Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Carmelle Cadet is a Black woman, a wife to a loving husband, and a mother to son and daughter. 

At age 16, She and her mother migrated to the United States due to political reasons.

She became passionate about how money works and then went to work for IBM, where she fell in love with the power of technology. 

Carmelle Cadet holds a BS in Finance, and an MBA from New York University and spent the formative years of her career in corporate finance at IBM, and held other roles in Global Treasury Risk Management and Global Capital Structure Management, before becoming the Business Development Executive for IBM Blockchain World Wire.  

Carmelle Cadet Career

Carmelle is an experienced Finance and Business Leader in the Enterprise IT sector, with specializations in Financial Services and Blockchain Technologies.She is a passionate advocate for financial inclusion and economic development.

For years, Carmelle worked on Digital Currency technologies and strategies to address financial inclusion and lower the cost of cross-border payments. 

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After a 10-year career at IBM as a Corporate Finance/Treasury and Software Business Development Executive, Carmelle is now a sought-after thought leader and innovator in financial services, central banking technology, and blockchain with the mission of providing everyone access to a digital cash infrastructure.

Carmelle engages with Central Banks from Africa to the Caribbean to enable their transition to the digital currency era in an inclusive way.

She is on a mission to make it possible for everyone, regardless of where they’re from, and especially if you live in an emerging or developing economy, to have access to good financial products that make lives better. 

Founding EMTECH


From her passion for giving people access to financial services to discovering blockchain technology, she had a very simple hypothesis: What if they used blockchain to digitize the paper cash most people use and trust in a way that made it available to everyone digitally? Could financial products built with digital cash address more people than the banks can?

She was convinced when central banks started announcing their desire to do just that. That’s the insight she took a bet on, and a path of helping many central banks around the world was conceived.

Access to capital and financial services determines if you get a good education and good healthcare, and build generational wealth.

Because of that, she believes everyone deserves access to a sound financial system that decentralizes access to financial services and capital. To make that a reality, she left IBM to start her own business. 

EMTECH is leveraging technology to build inclusive and resilient financial markets around the world. 

Their approach is to modernize central banking with a first-of-its-kind enterprise platform that connects central banks and financial institutions that consume central banking services via APIs and smart workflows – licensing, compliance reporting, payment infrastructure, and market data.

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Although they are taking on major central bank digitization efforts, they design a central bank infrastructure for the FinTech and Web3 era. 

Their solution doesn’t just help central banks; it is an API-first architecture, which removes a lot of the friction between central banks and FinTechs.

This digital transformation can directly impact poverty reduction, trade, and economic growth.

In addition to digitizing paper cash, they quickly recognized that FinTech companies would have to connect to that infrastructure to bring digital cash to everyone. 

This is fundamentally aligned with their mission, so they introduced the Digital Regulatory Sandbox module that central banks use to allow FinTechs to launch new products faster. 

Sandbox mitigated the risk of regulation not keeping up with innovation and is a powerful tool to balance risk and innovation.

Successes over the past years, include developing strategic partnerships with industry partners including Microsoft Cloud technology.

 As part of the leadership and implementation team creating the first CBDC via the Bahamas Sand dollar, Cadet continues to drive profitable and sustainable Central Bank modernization.

Carmelle Cadet Investments

Carmelle Cadet got the first investment from 500 Global out of Silicon Valley that happened through a bit of luck and willingness to ask for help. 

It was right after the start of COVID-19 and they didn’t have a launched product yet, Carmelle wasn’t sure if VC funding was something she wanted to get into, but they knew they’d need capital before they could win a client. 

Clayton Brian from 500 posted his Calendly link on Twitter to invite founders who just needed someone to talk to. 

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She didn’t know him at the time, but for some reason, she booked a time. They talked about what she was building and what problem she was trying to solve. He then gave her some insight into fundraising.

Later on, he was interested in investing and pitched her on joining the Accelerator and got the investment in the Fall of 2020.

She has raised US$10 million between their pre-seed and series-seed stages. 

Carmelle Cadet Awards & Achievements

Carmelle Cadet was named NYC Fintech Women’s Inspiring Fintech Females 2019.

Carmelle Cadet Net Worth

While there is no specific information available about Carmelle Cadet’s net worth, she is known for her work in advocating for financial inclusion and economic development in emerging markets.

Her pivot from a corporate job to creating a financial inclusion startup has been highlighted, but there are no details about her personal net worth.

Carmelle Cadet Husband

Carmelle Cadet is a prominent figure in the fintech industry and the founder and CEO of EMTECH. She lives in New York City with her husband, Jay, and son Eli.

Carmelle Cadet Social Media Accounts

LinkedIn: Carmelle Cadet 

Facebook: Carmelle Cadet

X: Carmelle Cadet

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