April 18, 2024
Learn Colors with Masha

If you are a fan of Masha and the Bear, let’s enjoy coloring Masha’s dress and hoodie together. This fun tutorial teaches kids to learn colors through the Masha and the Bear shows Masha’s uniform colors. They will also learn the colors in french.

Masha and the Bear facts about Masha the main character

Did you know that Masha likes sweets, especially lollipops?

Did you know that Masha lives in a small yellow house in a railway station somewhere in central Russia?

On Masha and the Bear, Masha usually wears a purple hoodie, a long-sleeved bluish-white shirt under a purple overalls dress, and purple, yellow and white sneakers. Today we are going to see other colors on Masha’s jacket. Below is a list of the different colors.


1. Pencil or pen

2. Notebook

3. Colouring supplies

Video Tutorial: Masha and the Bear

1. Purple (in french – violet)

Purple is Masha’s main color? Write the name Masha in your notebook and highlight it with a purple color.

2. Pink (in french – Rose)

Sometimes Masha’s suit appears pink. Did you notice that the collar of her shirt doesn’t change in color though? In this tutorial, her shoes also remain in the same color.

3. Orange (in french – Orange)

The rainbow has 7 colors. Counting from red, which number is the color orange? List all the rainbow colors in your notebook. Ask your friends and family to assist you to list the colors.

4. Green (in french – Vert)

Did you know that Masha has green eyes on the Masha and the Bear show? Write the color of your eyes on your notebook using green color.

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5. Blue (in french – Bleu)

The sky is blue in color. That’s why there is a shade of color blue called sky blue. Write the color of the sky at night in your notebook. Remember to highlight it with a blue color.

6. Red (in french – Rouge)

Red is one of the prime colors. List the three secondary colors in your notebook using a red color.

7. Yellow (in french – Jaune)

What fruits are yellow in color? List the fruits in your notebook and use a yellow color to highlight them.

What is your favorite color of the 7 colors? Write it down in your notebook. Find the 7 colors on things around you and point them out to your family and friends until you master the colors. 


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