April 23, 2024
11 Easy Jobs You Can Do Online in South Africa

Are you stuck in a job rut and looking for something new to try? Or maybe you’re just looking for some extra income? 

Well, look no further! 

We’ve got 11 easy jobs you can do online in South Africa that are guaranteed to get your bank account looking healthier in no time. 

Don’t worry if you don’t know what you’re doing – these jobs are so easy, you’ll be a pro in no time! So grab your laptop and let’s start – it’s time to make some money!

Types of Jobs You Can Do Online in South Africa

#1. Freelance Writing

If you are great with grammar, you can easily spot errors, and you are confident in your writing skills then freelance writing is for you. As a freelance writer, you can write for blogs, magazines, journals, and even newspapers that publish their content online.

It is important to write about top you are passionate about to avoid delivering unclear and low-quality work. This can be an easy online job for people who love writing in South Africa.

#2. Vlogging

Youtube allows anyone with a google account to create a free channel and post content on youtube. Your favorite Youtuber was once unknown, so you can start your journey today and become a great well-known YouTuber.

South Africa is one of the highest-paying African countries on youtube. This means starting your youtube channel with a South African audience you can make a good amount of money.

You can use your smartphone to record engaging content and edit it before uploading it on youtube. With time your channel will gain subscribers and you will be able to monetize your channel.

Learn more on how to get monetized on youtube.

#3. Virtual Assistant Services

In modern-day South Africa, corporates, business people, and influential people need personal assistants to help plan and accomplish all their daily activities and errands.

You can offer such individuals and organizations professional virtual assistant services at an agreed fee. However, some of your clients prefer paying per hour while others per work done.

You will need to have excellent planning and communication skills for this job.

#4. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is one of the easiest online opportunities today in South Africa. If you have a particular skill that others need you might offer online tutoring and make some money from it.

You can also offer extra classes on a subject if you are a teacher. Some students need one-on-one attention to understand better, so you can offer them tutoring at a certain fee.

#5. Online Consultancy

An online consultant offers clients professional guidance in a certain area of expertise over digital platforms. This can be a great career path for someone with extensive knowledge of a particular market.

Learning about being an online consultant is important to understand consultancy better before starting your own consulting business.

#6. Remote Sales

Remote sales are when you as a salesperson sell a product to a customer who is not in the same location as you. This simply means the whole sales process is done online.

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Most of the time with remote sales, the big part of the sales process is remote and as a salesperson, you only get to meet up with the client once or a few times throughout the process.

#7. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a company’s services or products for a commission. Becoming an affiliate marketer in South Africa is easy since no capital is needed. It is free to start affiliate marketing and operate as long as you have a steady internet connection and an online audience.

Enroll for affiliate marketing positions in online retailer companies in South Africa to get started with this work. Once you have enrolled, you will receive a link to add to your online content.

When your audience clicks on that link, they will be directed to the services or products you endorse. When the audience purchases through your link, you will get a commission.

#8. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most preferred and easy online jobs in South Africa. If you enjoy reading and writing this job suits you well. You will also need to be good with grammar. You can write about any topic you prefer from travel ideas blogs to health and fitness content and earn some cash.

However, choosing a niche that is more likely to bring you more traffic is important. As a blogger, you get to earn through ads or endorsing products and services. 

Blogging is a great online job but it requires a lot of patience before it can start paying. Your blog has to gain enough traffic before you can start making money.

#9. Editing and proofreading services

Editing and proofreading services are one of the online paying jobs in South Africa. If you have great editing and proofreading skills you can grab this opportunity. A client gives you raw content to clean up and make edible for the customer.

This can be written content that requires proofreading before publication or videos and pictures for social media influencers or companies. 

#10. Graphic Designing

A graphic designer can work from anywhere as long as they have a computer and stable internet connection. This means that it is one of the best online jobs in South Africa.

However, graphic designing requires a highly skilled individual in designing logos and creating visual ads among others.

#11. Social media management

The growth in technology has led to social media becoming a key element in businesses. Most of these companies have a lot to handle in their businesses and therefore look for persons to manage their sales and help clients with different services on social media.

You can also become a social media strategist for top brands and earn a good amount of money.

Steps to Finding an Online Job in South Africa

A. Research Online Job Market 

Many companies post their open positions online on job search engine websites. Search for the jobs you are interested in by using filters like position title, salary, and location. 

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You have to thoroughly search to find all jobs that interest you. If you what to get an opportunity with a specific organization then go to their websites for job listings under the career section of their site.

When you make your application on a company website, your application will go into the applicant tracking system where you can check the status any time you want.

B. Identify Your Skills 

Identify your top skills and what the most sought-after abilities are, then sift through your chosen careers and find those that will allow you to stand out from the crowd of applicants.

It is difficult finding a job in South Africa if you do not have the qualifications or if you are searching for a job that is rarely advertised online at all so it’s important to ensure that your skills can help you secure a job easily.

C. Target the job portals in line with your skills

In modern-day South Africa, you can not apply for a job in any portal by assuming that they need your skills. You need to research well and understand which companies or industries would appreciate your offer.

It is also important to understand that not all job portals you come across on the internet are genuine. 

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D. keep your resume updated on job portals

Making a profile and uploading your resume on job portals is not enough. if your profile stays on job portals without any activity on it, its chances of being visible to recruiters decline.

Therefore you need to update your resume on job portals regularly to maximize your chances of catching the recruiter’s eye.

E. Market Yourself 

Applying for a job on job portals is not enough. Look for contacts on our phone that might help you with some leads. Don’t shy off, ask for their help, and let them know you are looking for a job.

You have to let them know how good you are at that certain skill by sharing with them your documents. Give them a reason to help you. Be persistent by reminding them from time to time.

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Advantages of Working Online in South Africa 

A. Flexibility 

Online work only requires a stable internet connection, a laptop, and personal time management. This makes it more flexible for you meaning you can work from anywhere in South Africa and even any corner of the world.

You can wake up and work in Johannesburg and decide to spend the rest of the week in cape town and you will not need permission from your boss.

B. Increased Earnings Potential 

Working online opens soo many opportunities for you since you can take as many jobs as you want. This depends on how much work you can handle.

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Since you are free to work with your schedule, it is easier to plan your time and make time for extra work which means more money. The fact that you can work from anywhere makes it possible for you to attend other important work-related meetings and appointments at the same time.

C. Access to Global Clients 

Working online makes it possible to get clients even outside South Africa. Physical-related jobs limit the number of clients you get since you can only reach the people around you.

Online jobs make it possible to work with global clients which mean more money and also more growth for the business.

Disadvantages of Working Online in South Africa 

A. Increased isolation

Many people who work from home spend most of their time alone with no one to interact with. There has very little time to socialize with their peers. 

This can be even worse when the worker has another responsibility at home such as parenting or guardianship which means if they are not working they are parenting and that leaves them with no time to socialize. 

This leads to them suffering from isolation because they are more likely to spread their work hours across the entire day.

B. Workplace disconnect 

Heightened teamwork is one of the advantages of having a physical working office. It is much easier to get feedback on any of your tasks from your colleagues. 

You also get to have access to more materials enabling you to efficiently carry out your assigned tasks. You can reduce the impact of workplace disconnect by scheduling periodic physical meetings with your employers and colleagues.

C. Lack of motivation

A physical working environment where you meet with others who have achieved something in life motivates you to keep pushing until you accomplish your goals.

Working alone with no one to look up to makes it easy to lose focus and motivation. Working from home also increases the danger of not getting the intended business results.

Talking to your coworkers or a senior employee with a similar aim and purpose can serve as a source of external inspiration. If an employee is not motivated, their production level tends to be low too.

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VI. Conclusion 

You can never lack online jobs in South Africa if you are willing to think outside the box. Your skills can help you build an empire in the comfort of your home if you have an internet connection and a laptop.

There are so many advantages of working from home such as worrying about sick days since you have the freedom and no pressure that comes with working in a physical office. You can work and relax anytime you feel exhausted.

If you are looking for online jobs in South Africa, we hope the above options will give you ideas for making money from home.

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